12 Ideal Cities

 12 Print Collection by club de arte with Sounds by Manuel Jelen + Fashion Design by Fran Guerrero

12 ideal cities by Magda, is inspired by “Twelve Ideal Cities” by Superstudio member Piero Frassinelli, which was originally published in AD magazine in 1971 and then reconfigured as a multimedia slide show in 1972. Described as “mordantly funny, these 12 cities are creepy dystopic fantasies of urban planning gone haywire."


For her 12 ideal cities, Magda decided not to present architecture and urban planning, but instead, states of consciousness and spaces to inhabit that alter our perception of ourselves and thus, of the universe; safe environments to rest and be nourished, places to go to when one is in need of a certain energy that these cities are made of.


These 12 cities were printed in fabric and reconfigured into wearable clothes that act as a protection layer, as a ritualistic element that encapsulates us, and transfers these energies to us. The collection is made by Fran Guerrero Baena of L'NENA, from Barcelona.


On top of that, Manuel Jelen, from Montevideo, Uruguay, made a special mix of sounds that represent these 12 ideal cities, and that take the individual on a journey through all these unique states of being. listen online and download at www.soundcloud.com/clubdearte








1. In Floating City there is no gravity, you find yourself floating along the clouds, that change colors as you wish. Life is generated here, it is a mystery, we don't know how, but from the clouds new life springs.



2. In Water City you can live underwater with no special equipment. So, you are probably wondering, I can live underwater, but, can I dance too? And the answer is yes! You can dance too!



3. In Circuit City you go inside a circuit board and get connected to a network of information, whatever you seek, you find.



4. Dance City can be described as chaos in order and order in chaos. Whatever dance setting you want, it automatically appears. All your dancing dreams come true!



5. In Food City, a giant floating strawberry cultivates all the foods of the world, it is managed by a smart computer that knows how much to grow depending on the world population, no one goes hungry because this is managed by solar energy, and these giant spaceship cheeses transport food to all areas of the world. If needed, a new strawberry is generated. Now, you're probably wondering, why giant cheese spaceships? well, that's cause cheese have holes (to store the food).



6. To BlaBlaBla City is where you go to when you feel like talking. You can go with a friend, and ask to be talking, while chilling at the beach, or you can participate in discussion panels and talk, talk, talk, all you want, give your opinion on a million subjects. Let loose on your non-stop yakking!



7. When you feel really stressed you go to Refrigerator City, where time stop is guaranteed! They freeze you for a while until you come back to life fresh as a lettuce.



8. Jungle City is comprised of jungle islands that you can choose to go by yourself or with whoever you want.



9. In Light City you travel through different channels of light and you can choose the light settings you want. Experience the effects of Light! Everything's an illusion anyways!



10. In Sound City you travel through sound waves that you choose, or you can choose to listen to sound waves that are generated by someone else.



11. In Energy City you travel around the galaxy receiving energy from the universe. Recharge your life in Energy City!



12. In Love City, only LOVE exists here.