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Known for her versatile djing and eclectic taste in vinyl, Melina Serser is turning heads in Montevideo’s world electronic scene.

Strongly influenced by the afro-american stylings that Serser forged over the past five years, she has developed her own blend of electronic, triphop, breakbeat, funk and jazz, creating a varied ethnic soundscape.

Experiencing a night of Serser’s mixes, she exhibits an artistic exploration of melodies and rhythms around the world. Uncovering unknown jewels, she takes her listeners to a unique journey of sensations and rythmic groove.

Melina Serser has traveled to Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin, Melbourne and Buenos Aires, sharing the stage with some of the most important figures of the Uruguayan underground DJ scene, such as Dj Koolt, Bruno Gervais, Federico Lijtmaer and Manuel Jelen. In addition, she has participated in renowned international labels like My Own Jupiter by Nicolas Lutz, Ouzo Records by Fernando Z@p, and in several national and international radio programs.