magda fernández

club de arte Direction


Magda, Uruguayan-Spanish, begun her artistic practice in Photography and Direction of Photography and Art for Film in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Rome, Italy, she got her Bachelor of Arts in Art History at The American University of Rome, and began working as an Independent Curator.


Back in Uruguay, she worked as Curator at Fundación Pablo Atchugarry and as Art Teacher at The British Schools. She also joined Proyecto CasaMario arts collective in Montevideo.

In Barcelona, she founded her arts collective, club de arte, and moved into Textile and Fashion Design. For the past 3 years she has been living in Berlin and working as a textile printer and textile and fashion designer. She is now at Studio Hertzberg.



club de arte



art direction




textile & fashion





2015 - present


Berlin, Germany





Proyecto CasaMario



arts collective



2014 - 2015






Piedras 629, Montevideo, Uruguay.




Proyecto CasaMario website

Proyecto CasaMario facebook

Camposanto live at Proyecto CasaMario


curator + educational program at 

Fundación Pablo Atchugarry


2012 - 2013


Maldonado, Uruguay


In the educational program artists met

public primary school students of Maldonado, Uruguay, for a one day workshop at the foundation.




lechuga zafiro soundcloud


photo: pablo de vargas (aka lechuga zafiro) music production workshop on ceibal project computer, tam tam program, for students of the public primary school of music of Maldonado, Uruguay. other art workshops were presented by artists in the field of drawing, painting, sculpture, comics, ceramics, acting, photography, singing, architecture, orchestra, writing, amongst other art disciplines.



a show about nothing


35 uruguayan artists under 35 years old


Fundación Pablo Atchugarry




Maldonado, Uruguay


                                                                               fundación pablo atchugarry + virtual tour

                                                                                online catalogue 



bring your own sound


is a continuous film project 

where I present silent clips

for people to add sound to, or not.

director of photography


preludio - domingo garcía-huidobro


super 8




Buenos Aires, Argentina

director of photography + art


g-sus not dead - gonzalo duro






  Buenos Aires, Argentina  






35 mm