adriana a navarro


space sounds composition for tarot cards

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fran guerrero baena



di gregorius



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Franco Di Gregorio aka Di Gregorius was born in 1976 into a family of musicians from several generations. He learned drums and percussion with his father first, then continued his studies with the teacher Gaston Buenseñor.

He was part of the experimental group “The Fumanchu Entertainment Corporation”, one of the Uruguayan’s pioneer bands in experiential psychedelic matter with an approach closer to the avant-garde ... He’s best known as the drummer for “La Hermana Menor” with whom he played for seven years. In addition to presenting himself in several festivals in Uruguay and in Argentina, he participated in recordings and live shows as a guest for various bands from the underground scene. For the past 10 years he also operates as artistic producer, guru guide, percussionist and vocals in the experimental progressive psychedelia music band “IMAO”.

His latest project “Tal Y Tanto Arriba, Tal Y Tanto Abajo”, compiles 16 years of his in-house investigation in electronic music and has been released on “My Own Jupiter”, Nicolás Lutz’s label.

The body’s beat and the brain’s waves merge into a transmission of soundscapes, ideas, concepts and experiences. Genderless, untagged and with much relish. Impossible to get through without being touched somewhere. His music: a reflection of this bold character, without musical prejudices and anti-systematic… Unpredictable.



manuel jelen


book I

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12 ideal cities

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melina serser


book I

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Known for her versatile djing and eclectic taste in vinyl, Melina Serser is turning heads in the Montevideo’s world electronic scene.

Strongly influenced by the afro-american stylings that Serser forged over the past five years, she has developed her own blend of electronic, triphop, breakbeat, funk and jazz, creating a varied ethnic soundscape.

Experiencing a night of Serser’s mixes, she exhibits an artistic exploration of melodies and rhythms around the world. Uncovering unknown jewels, she takes her listeners to a unique journey of sensations and rythmic groove.

Melina Serser has traveled to Barcelona, ​​Paris, Berlin, Melbourne and Buenos Aires, sharing the stage with some of the most important figures of the Uruguayan underground DJ scene, such as Dj Koolt, Bruno Gervais, Federico Lijtmaer and Manuel Jelen. In addition, she has participated in renowned international labels like My Own Jupiter by Nicolas Lutz, Ouzo Records by Fernando Z@p, and in several national and international radio programs.


magdalena fernández


photo by antonella moltini








print design



club de arte




bring your own sound


is a continuous film project 

where I present silent clips

for people to add sound to, or not.










a show about nothing - 2012


35 uruguayan artists under 35 years old


fundación pablo atchugarry + virtual tour

online catalogue



curator + educational program at

fundación pablo atchugarry


2012 - 2013







photo: pablo de vargas (aka lechuga zafiro) teaching music production on ceibal project computer, tam tam program.

the students where from the public primary

school of music of maldonado, uruguay.



director of photography


preludio - domingo garcía-huidobro



2009 - super 8 film



director of photography + art


g-sus not dead - gonzalo duro