about club de arte

club de arte is a multidisciplinary arts collective that presents itself as a pop-up and online club.

It is an ever expanding group of people whose objective is to use art as a means to break through the chaos of the world and to search for a space of quiet within.

It was founded by Mora to connect artists of different media for a specific project, regardless of geographic location.

Mora is based in Berlin, and so far, all other artists are based in Uruguay and Barcelona.

It begun the 14th of November 2015 with the publication of the first coloring book for people of all ages with Dj set inspired by those drawings. 

All CDA sounds are available for download at:



drawings for coloring in MORA


Dj set inspired by those drawings MELINA SERSER back to back MANUEL JELEN 


Melina Serser https://soundcloud.com/melinaserser

Manuel Jelen https://soundcloud.com/user23-5


Interactive collective exhibition

drawings for coloring in MORA 


Dj set inspired by those drawings DI GREGORIUS


Di Gregorius https://soundcloud.com/franco-digregorius

17th. April - 17th. May 2016 at Club Siete Barcelona. All drawings for coloring in are online for download. 

VEGETALISMO is about the connection between human beings and plants and how through a responsible use of them we can heal and evolve towards a collective consciousness.
we are one.

While the exhibition was in course there were colors available for coloring the drawings and also regular schedules to hear the Dj set.


Interactive collective exhibition and TAROT cards for coloring in with a musical composition based in sounds from Space by Adriana A Navarro to color the cards. At Club Siete Barcelona 13 August - 13 September 2016.




1 May 2017 - Gorlitzer Park Berlin



buy the collection at www.lnena.com

buy the prints in your choice of fabric, wallpaper and giftwrap at www.spoonflower.com/collections/206401-new-12-ideal-cities-by-clubdearte

Manuel Jelen https://soundcloud.com/user23-5

12 ideal cities by Mora is inspired by “Twelve Ideal Cities” by Superstudio member Piero Frassinelli, which was originally published in AD magazine in 1971 and then reconfigured as a multimedia slide show in 1972. Described as “mordantly funny, these 12 cities are creepy dystopic fantasies of urban planning gone haywire."

For her 12 ideal cities, Mora decided not to present architecture and urban planning, but instead, states of consciousness and spaces to inhabit that alter our perception of ourselves and thus, of the universe; safe environments to rest and be nourished, places to go to when one is in need of a certain energy that these cities are made of.

These 12 cities were printed in fabric and reconfigured into wearable clothes that act as a protection layer, as a ritualistic element that encapsulates us, and transfers these energies to us. It is made by Fran Guerrero Baena of L'NENA, from Barcelona, Spain.

On top of that, Manuel Jelen, from Montevideo, Uruguay, made a special mix of sounds that represent these 12 ideal cities, and that take the individual on a journey through all these unique states of being. 

This project was awarded the Spoonflower Emerging Designer Grant, and all natural and organic fabrics are printed at www.spoonflower.com