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                                            12 Ideal Cities

                                      club de arte / prints                                                                      L'NENA / fashion design                                                                   Manuel Jelen / sounds



This 1st of MAY Club de arte meets L'NENA atelier + Manuel Jelen + Spoonflower for a special collaboration that goes through visuals, textiles, wearable clothes + unique sounds




Based on SUPERSTUDIO'S 12 IDEAL CITIES, Mora Mar (club de arte) designed her 12 ideal cities, that became wearable clothes and a mini collection thanks to Fran Guerrero Baena (L'NENA atelier), that they come with their own distinct and unique sounds thanks to Manuel Jelen, and that became a reality thanks to Spoonflower's Emerging Designer Grant. 


club de arte is about collaborating, uniting for a common cause regardless of geographical location.

This is our biggest project yet, so we are extremely happy to invite you this


Monday 1st of May at GORLITZER PARK BERLIN from 12 - 6 pm


to see, touch, try, and hear these 12 IDEAL CITIES.


Thanks to Anacleta Berlin for the invite!


club de arte + Anacleta are based in Berlin, Germany.

L'NENA atelier is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Manuel Jelen is based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Spoonflower is based in Durham, U.S.A. + Berlin, Germany.  -  Manuel Jelen


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                         club de arte x frecuencia garabato

                                     sponsored x stabilo

                                                                8th october 2016 - montevideo, uruguay


                                                               In this 3rd. edition of Frecuencia Garabato:

Djs: Melina Serser + Fabreaks
Visuals: Irene Avellanal

Proposed stations:
Collage - Illustration – Painting - Tags

Drawings and Tarot cards for colouring in by Mora with club de arte sponsored by STABILO
Tags Workshop by Lola Acab sponsored by Powerline

Organic food made with love by Coco Gandini

Entry: $ 200 with materials included and one drink


Frecuencia Garabato is an experience to enjoy, no previous knowledge about the mediums used is needed.




interactive collective exhibition

TAROT cards for colouring in - MORA


space sounds composition inspired in the TAROT cards - ADRIANA. A. NAVARRO



ClubSiete Barcelona Carrer de Gombau 12, Born.


in the exhibition there are TAROT cards hanging on the walls and also TAROT decks to colour in and play + coloured markers and pencils for colouring in.


the music that guides the experience of colouring in the cards uses as a base for its composition, sounds that have been recorded in space.

these cards are dedicated to Alejandro Jodorowsky - for being my guide for the interpretation of TAROT.





collective interactive exhibition



it was exhibited from 17th. April - 17th. May 2016 at

ClubSiete Barcelona



VEGETALISMO is about the connection between human beings and plants and how through a responsible use of them we can heal and evolve towards a collective consciousness. we are one.

while the exhibition was in course there were colours available for colouring the drawings and also regular schedules to hear the dj set.


all drawings for colouring in and dj set are online for free download


drawings for colouring in



dj set inspired by those drawings  





drawings for colouring in MORA     


dj set inspired by those drawings  MELINA SERSER 


back to back            





club de arte is a multidisciplinary arts collective that presents itself as a pop-up and online club.


It was founded by mora to connect artists

of different media for a specific project,

regardless of geographic location.


Mora is based in berlin, and Adriana A Navarro, Di Gregorius, Manuel Jelen and Melina Serser are based in Uruguay and Fran Guerrero Baena is based in Barcelona.


It begun the 14th of november of 2015

with the publication of book I.